Adolfo's Corydoras Catfish (Corydoras Adolfoi)

Imported European Fish

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Adolfo’s Corydoras Catfish is an absolutely stunning corydoras catfish that comes from the upper Rio Negro, Brazil, near Sao Gabriel da Cachoeira; these specimens were tank-bred by master breeders in the Czech Republic and are colored fantastically. The fish has a black and silver coloration that is actually similar to that of a Panda Cory, except that there are some key differences. The black on the back past the dorsal fin is absolute on most of the upper half of the fish, and perhaps most noticeable of all, this fish has a gorgeous orange-brown saddle spot just before the start of the dorsal fin, on what one might refer to as just above the fish’s shoulder. A completely peaceful yet very active fish, these little fellows will spend hours and hours rummaging through your aquarium’s substrate, on the hunt for tasty morsels of food. They eat just about everything, but make sure that food is sinking down to the bottom since these guys are exclusively bottom dwelling and bottom feeding fish. These fish ship individually bagged, one fish per bag. The current specimens on hand are large, fully grown fish.

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Imported European Fish

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    4 Reviews

  • Posted by Daron Cole on Mar 20th 2023


    Great little Corys

    These arrived in good condition and acclimated quickly to my tank. Great colors.

  • Posted by Bailey Pillow on Sep 20th 2022


    Happy Cats!

    This company was very responsive, kind, and educational when reached out to via email. My Adolfo's arrived two days earlier than expected, and they were packaged magnificently. They are beautiful, happy, and healthy!

  • Posted by Patrick Batezel on Jul 17th 2022


    Adolfos Cory

    Arrived quickly small but beautiful

  • Posted by Amy Paden on Feb 3rd 2022


    Adolfo Cory

    Out of the five fish I received, this one was by far one of my favorites. Jason does a wonderful job caring for his fish and making sure they ship to you as safely as possible.