Rust Corydoras Catfish (Corydoras rabauti)

Imported European Fish

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Corydoras rabauti is a beautiful matte orange corydoras which earns its name “rust” corydoras very well. Collected from the rio Javarí  on the border of Peru and Brazil, these fish get to about 2 ½ inches in length, right around doubling in size that you’ll get from us. On top of the matte orange, they have a dark brown to almost black band running above their lateral line, which can take over much more of its flank depending on their mood.

These corydoras typically are collected from blackwater tributaries in the wild, and as such they would prefer acidic water that has little to no detectable hardness. However, these fish have been bred in captivity for a few generations, and are able to thrive in water that is much different from their natural parameters. Although they prefer acidic and soft environments, they are just fine in harder water which is higher in ph, provided you have a filter which works efficiently and good flow in your aquarium. Like most corydoras species, the rabauti cory eats by rooting around in the substrate, and thus tend to stir up quite a bit of matter from the bottom of the tank, which in turn needs to be removed. Even though these fish are good at cleaning up uneaten food that makes it to the bottom of the tank, keep in mind that they need to be supplemented with a diet that is curated to them. Some algae wafers and sinking pellets would help, and they enjoy high protein foods like bloodworms and shrimp just like most other fish. These fish also enjoy some decorations and plants in their aquarium, for them to dart around in as well as escape to when necessary. Being foragers, some natural objects to generate a biofilm are great additions as well, so that the corydoras can find some food whenever they want to.

These fish are gregarious, and when getting some, you should get no less than half a dozen for them to be comfortable. These fish will school together and be much more confident when you have a large enough group of them. Since they are one of the medium bodied corydoras, you can keep them with most things. A community aquarium is something that a school of these guys would do very well in, and you could possibly have a loosely geographically themed tank as well. There are many options for this fish, and when it settles in you’ll see a lovely earth-toned catfish swimming around. These fish ship individually bagged.

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Imported European Fish

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    2 Reviews

  • Posted by Mike on Jun 27th 2022



    Ordered 1 of these Rabauti Cory's because their Gorgeous. Seeing it in person didn't disappoint. Fish arrived quickly and healthy. Doing great in my tank. Beautiful Cory! Highly recommend.

  • Posted by Amy Paden on Feb 3rd 2022


    Rust Cory Catfish

    This Cory that I received is absolutely beautiful. His coloring is very bright, with the rust color being a magnificent shade. He has a prominent black line going down his back. Beautiful, healthy fish.