C102 Leopard Corydoras Catfish (Corydoras leopardus C102)

Imported European Fish

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This beautiful corydoras is called the “leopard corydoras”, and it’s fairly easy to see why, with its spotted pattern. What is less apparent in the name is the beautiful sheen that they have, a blue silver iridescence which shows when they are under the right light. These beautiful nano fish also has a large black splotch on its dorsal fin, and their tails have thin black bands traveling perpendicular to the fin rays. This cory is the standard corydoras shape, but this pattern is almost exclusively wild caught, and they have not been bred in captivity, at least not at any large scale. We here are no exception, and supply on these guys is very limited!

In the wild where these fish are collected, the waters that feed the Amazon are rarely going to be above a 6 in ph, and will almost always have undetectable hardness. Although we are not completely sure exactly where they are collected, we can assume that they would never see water that is not stained with tannins in the wild. These fish would definitely benefit from leaves rotting in the water in order to acidify and soften it, and many corydoras species are collected from sand that is covered in biofilm, so allowing your aquarium to develop some biofilm prior to their introduction is a great idea. As with many wild fish, it can be a bit difficult to get them to accept prepared foods in the aquarium, so as natural a grazing surface as possible is also beneficial. Also ensure that your filter is well seasoned prior to the addition of these fish, since in the wild they have an unmatched amount of water turnover which is impossible to actually achieve in the aquarium, so you must ensure that the recirculating water is kept as clean as possible. In this regard, not only the filter, but robust plants would also help, and these little catfish would do really well in a low light planted aquarium in which they can forage in the substrate at any hour.

As far as tankmates go for this fish, a group of small tetras or pencilfish might be a good choice, since those fish will typically go after some food as it floats downwards slowly, but will also leave food to feed your corydoras. You will not want to overcrowd your tank, but do remember that these dither fish are a part of the feeling of security that your leopardus corys need to come out and explore the tank. These fish are armor plated, just like any other corydoras, but still try to avoid any especially aggressive tankmates, so that your cories are not constantly hiding. These subtle beauties will really appreciate a peaceful community tank. These fish ship individually bagged.

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Imported European Fish

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    2 Reviews

  • Posted by anna marie on Oct 22nd 2022


    Robust Cats !

    Arrived well and in robust active condition !! Good size fish eager to explore and eat immediately upon release.

  • Posted by Amy Paden on Feb 3rd 2022


    Leopard Cory Catfish

    This guy was bigger than I expected and I love it! Absolutely beautiful cory and his coloration is very vibrant. Would be a wonderful addition to anyones tank!