Forktailed Blue Eyed Dwarf Rainbowfish (Pseudomugil furcata)

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This wonderful fish comes from rivers in the Milne Bay Province in Papua New Guinea and is easy to keep. Playful and active, they will dash to and fro, flicking their yellow-edged dorsal and pectoral fins which makes for quite a show if you've established enough specimens in a beautiful planted aquarium. This fish does not ship individually bagged; Approximately 1 inch in length

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4 Reviews

  • Posted by Ken on Jun 13th 2022


    Awesome fish

    Fish are doing great in the planted tank

  • Posted by James J Matthews on Apr 12th 2022



    Young, so not very colorful yet, but very active and seem very healthy

  • Posted by Raymond Wolf on Apr 11th 2022


    Furcata rainbow

    The furcata I received were much smaller than the 1 inch size in the sales description. They were so small that the barely 1 inch red phantom tetras that were already in the tank considered them food. Six of the 10 furcata were attacked and killed. The 4 larger ones that survived are nice though. **/** ADMIN REPLY: This is completely untrue. This customer was sent fish exactly as described, one inch long each. We have several hundred of them still and they are all the same size, one inch each with the females being slightly smaller than the males. We cannot be responsible for customers adding new fish to a tank with existing fish that are known fin-nippers. A Google Search of the red phantom tetra will reveal that these fish are known for this behavior. We have shared this review after much back and forth with this customer where the customer repeatedly accused us of shady dealing. Sadly, this customer has constructed a fiction to attempt to shift blame onto us. The customer did not supply a single photograph of these fish which were supposedly "much smaller than the 1 inch size in the sales description". Completely fictional complaint.

  • Posted by Ryan on May 28th 2021


    Amazing fish!

    These fish got to me healthy and beautiful, and they ate pretty much instantly.