Blue Cheek Dwarf Cichlid (Apistogramma eunotus)

Imported European Fish

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This is an Apistogramma only rarely seen available in the hobby as they are difficult to collect and source. We are pleased to offer in limited numbers of pairs, Apistogramma eunotus, also known as the Blue Cheek Dwarf Cichlid. These fish come from primarily the Amazon River Basin which covers a massive area but are also found in connecting tributaries to the Ucayali and Amazon rivers. Reports of these fish being found as far as the Yavarí River (Peru) and the Japurá River (Brazil) imply they have a somewhat large dispersal. Indeed, depending on their collection points and origins, males range from blue to yellow, but always sport a bright blue cheek. Our males are yellow and blue, have blue cheeks, and also sport caudal fins which fade from pale yellow to piquant.

As with other Apistogramma, they prefer to spend their time on the bottom surrounded by rocks, sticks, wood and leaf litter and are known for working the substrate in search of food. These fish are considered challenging to breed because the females become quite aggressive towards all other fish once their eggs hatch and they are guarding tiny swimmers. In this situation, all other fish including the father must be removed from the aquarium containing the mother fish and her fry. We absolutely love these little fish with their amazing wild behavior!

These tiny dwarf cichlids are known for being very difficult to collect in the wild due to their burrowing nature and their wild fear patterns which make for excellent camouflage. This makes finding them in the trade also very difficult. Providing them with some sand and stones along with various wood and some leaf litter will make them very happy and they will begin exhibiting natural behavior very quickly. If they are provided with a breeding cave or stones arranged in a cave fashion, they will breed if they are fed well and are kept in soft, acidic water. The fish we have on hand eat fish flakes, live food, and frozen food. Each fish ships individually bagged.

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Imported European Fish

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