Highfin Dwarf Cichlid (Apistogramma hoignei)

Imported European Fish

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We now have on offer the rare Apistogramma hoignei, commonly known as the Highfin Dwarf Cichlid. This is a beautiful species cherished by aquarists for its striking bright neon blue appearance, flaming tail stripes and fascinating behavior. Originating from the Orinoco basin in Venezuela, these colorful cichlids add vibrancy and character to freshwater aquariums. Successfully keeping Apistogramma hoignei in aquaria requires attention to their natural habitat, behavior, diet, and tank conditions.

In the wild, Apistogramma hoignei inhabits the slow-moving streams, tributaries. They thrive in densely vegetated environments with plenty of hiding spots among roots, submerged branches, and plants. In captivity, replicating their natural habitat is essential for their well-being. A well-planted aquarium with driftwood, rocks, and hiding places will mimic their native surroundings and helps reduce stress.

Water quality is paramount for the health of Apistogramma hoignei. They prefer slightly acidic to neutral water with a pH range of 6.0 to 7.0 and a temperature range of 75-82°F (24-28°C). A reliable filtration system and regular water changes are crucial to maintain optimal water parameters and prevent the buildup of harmful substances.

Feeding Apistogramma hoignei a varied diet is essential for their health and vitality. In the wild, they are omnivorous, feeding on small invertebrates, insect larvae, crustaceans, and plant matter. In captivity, they readily accept high-quality flake food, and frozen or live foods like brine shrimp, and daphnia. Offering a diverse diet ensures they receive essential nutrients and helps enhance their coloration and overall condition.

Apistogramma hoignei exhibits interesting behavior, especially during breeding periods. They are territorial and can be somewhat aggressive, particularly when defending or protecting breeding sites. Providing suitable breeding caves or spawning sites in the aquarium encourages natural behavior and can lead to successful breeding.

Breeding Apistogramma hoignei in captivity is a rewarding experience for aquarists. They are cave spawners, meaning they lay their eggs in secluded areas such as crevices in rocks or hollows in driftwood. Breeding pairs will vigorously defend their territory and offspring. It's essential to provide adequate hiding places and maintain stable water conditions to encourage breeding behavior.

Aquarists should also consider the compatibility of Apistogramma hoignei with other fish species in the aquarium. While they are relatively peaceful, they will become territorial during breeding periods. Choosing tank mates that are compatible in size and temperament helps reduce stress and aggression among fish species.

The Highfin Dwarf Cichlid is a captivating and beautiful addition to freshwater aquariums. With proper care, attention to water quality, suitable tank conditions, and a varied diet, aquarists can enjoy the vibrant colors and fascinating behavior of these remarkable fish. Understanding their natural habitat and behavior is key to successfully keeping and breeding Apistogramma hoignei in aquaria, providing enthusiasts with a rewarding and enriching experience. This fish ships individually bagged, one fish per bag.

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Imported European Fish

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