Chili Rasbora (Rasbora brigittae)

Imported European Fish

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These micro-fish are native to Southeast Asia and are brilliantly red in adulthood, and have interesting gold-lined black stripes down their center. This is a completely peaceful fish, and there is never any violence displayed amongst the species. Chili Rasboras very much appreciate being kept in a planted tank with plenty of spaces to hide in and chase each other around and through.


Chili Rasboras are traditional egg scatterers; they will readily breed in an aquarium with plenty of plant cover and nice, soft water; in the wild, these fish are found in very soft and acidic water so these are the conditions in which the readily spawn, leaving eggs scattered all over the bottom of the aquarium. You should be aware, though, that they will also eat their own eggs and tiny fry sometimes, so if you wish to breed them, keep in mind that after laying eggs, you will want to move the breeding adults out of that tank and into another one so that they don't eat their eggs or their tiny fry when they hatch.


Make sure you are feeding them fine flakes and baby brine shrimp as a treat from time to time and these fish will thrive! We have noted that these fish will turn very, very red when fed a diet of red color enhancing fish flakes, so that is a very good way to really make these beautiful tiny fish pop with color in your home aquascape! This fish does not ship individually bagged, sizes are always assorted, Approx. 1/2 to 1 inch each.

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Imported European Fish

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    19 Reviews

  • Posted by Steve on Jul 15th 2023


    Chili Rasbora Alive and Beautiful!

    100% satisfied, as always! Thank you!

  • Posted by Tim on Jul 3rd 2023


    Great experience

    Excellent packing /shipping. Great color and healthy little fish :)

  • Posted by Unknown on May 30th 2023


    Chili rasbora

    Fist arrived fast. All alive and doing well. Great packaging! Will order from here again

  • Posted by Andrew on Mar 20th 2023


    Chili Rasbora

    Fish arrived healthy with no DOAs. Fantastic service all across the board and excellent livestock quality.

  • Posted by Andrew Minson on Feb 26th 2023


    Chili rasbora

    Great little fish. They have added a lot of activity to our aquarium

  • Posted by Paul on Jan 29th 2023


    Beautiful Healthy Fish

    All of my Chili Rasbora arrived healthy and happy. I had an issue with my tank so they struggled a bit for a day or two. Everything is ok now. Customer service was top notch, helped me figure out exactly what was happening. Will purchase from them again!

  • Posted by Steve Crosby on Nov 25th 2022


    Beautiful Chili Rasbora!

    AWESOME experience. Jason and team got me the fish in a super-timely manner, despite a windstorm that shut down power and internet in the area! AND, when i pointed out some additional address data because of a local confusion by the post office, he sent me a picture of the package with the additional instructions on it. At that point, receiving all the tiny (primarily a shrimp tank), beautiful, healthy fish was just icing on the cake/service. I'll be back!

  • Posted by Kent on Nov 1st 2022


    Chili rasbora

    They arrived alive and are still alive, I call that a win!

  • Posted by Ciara on Aug 26th 2022


    Chili Rasboras and Emerald Rasboras

    I bought Chili Rasboras and Emerald Rasboras, they all arrived incredibly healthy and colorful. The packaging was some of the best that I've seen and as a result they all survived! Thank you so much for these high quality fish, recommending this site to everyone from now on.