Chili Rasbora (Rasbora brigittae)

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A school of these incredible, tiny nanofish hovering in the water column, suspended above your favorite aquascape? What could be better! These micro-fish from Asia are brilliant red and have interesting gold lined black stripes down their center. Tolerant of a wide range of conditions, just make sure you are feeding them fine flakes and baby brine shrimp as a treat from time to time and these fish will thrive. This fish does not ship individually bagged, Approx 1/2 inch each

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Imported European Fish

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4 Reviews

  • Posted by lisa Woodell on Jan 22nd 2022


    Great with a surprise!!!

    They all got here alive and in good health. But we didn't get all of the fish. I could only count 19 out 20 but they did add a dwarf rainbow fish in with them so all is good!!!

  • Posted by Unknown on Sep 26th 2021


    Chili rasbora

    All arrived alive and started gaining their color in just a few a hours. Awesome fish

  • Posted by Chris I Monroe on Aug 24th 2021


    Chili Rasbora

    Ordered 10 fish. They are all alive and healthy! They look great in my blackwater tank. The coloring is starting to come in already. They are are active and not shy at all would definitely recommend to anyone looking for a small fish breed.

  • Posted by Mark von Wisco on Jul 17th 2021


    Vividly colored nano fish

    I ordered 15 chili rasboras as part of my second order from Red Fish Blue Fish. As with my first order, the fish were well packed, and arrived looking healthy. The rasboras colored quickly and continue to do well. My only regret is I didn't order twice as many.