A188 Baenschi Inka 50 Dwarf Cichlid (Apistogramma Baenschi [A188 INKA 50])

Imported European Fish

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The Apistogramma baenschi is a lovely and unique species of apistogramma that falls within the nijsseni complex. It looks a bit like the other members of the nijsseni complex, with a metallic sky blue wash as well as a bright orange ring around the edge of its tail. However, there is where the similarity ends, as the males of this species of dwarf cichlid have enormous fin extensions on their dorsal fin rays, and retain bright black vertical bands through their bodies, unlike other members of the complex. The shape of their tails is also different, with the top and bottom coming to rounded points rather than the typical oval tail. The females of this species of nano fish are also very striking, with gorgeous black, almost bee-like bands on top of a wash that ranges from a light yellow to a deep yellow orange. 

Highly variable and beautiful, these fish were originally collected from the rio Huallaga in Peru, which is a tributary of the rio Marañon, which in turn feeds into the Amazon river in northern Peru. Where these fish are naturally found, there is plenty of leaf litter and branches rotting, bringing the pH down to the 4 to 6.5 range, so you should keep this in mind when housing these fish in your aquarium. The water hardness in the areas where they are collected is also undetectable, but our fish are currently European tank bred, and so they are much more tolerant of different water parameters than their wild caught congeners. These fish are perfectly happy in slightly acidic to neutral water, and with water hardness up to 200ppm. These South American dwarves would love to be in a planted tank. The addition of leaf litter and branches to make these guys comfortable will let them show off their best coloration, with the base coloration sometimes brightening up to brilliant flashes of blue, yellow, and even white.

In a community tank with smaller tetras or rasboras swimming around above them as dithers, these fish will thrive best. They will tend to be aggressive with other members of their own kind, so you should keep this in mind, and do not put too many in a space that is too small. Males especially will stake out quite a large territory to call their own. In this case, it also becomes more necessary to provide barriers of sight so that subdominant fish have a place to hide, as these fish do tend to get fairly aggressive despite their tiny stature, although this does tend to be a species that does well in a harem style setup. These fish ship individually bagged.

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Imported European Fish

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    9 Reviews

  • Posted by Rob Farrow on Feb 19th 2024



    Beautiful, healthy specimens of a Apistogramma Baenschi (Inka). Arrived in good shape. Doing well.

  • Posted by Mario on Dec 12th 2023



    Fish came in fast and very healthy. They have acclimated great. Will definitely come back for more fish

  • Posted by Luanne Ricciardi on Aug 8th 2023


    Baenschi Inka Cichlid

    Absolutely Beautiful, Active, what a personality! Owner will go beyond what is expected to make customer very happy!

  • Posted by Rachael Stillwell on May 14th 2023


    Apistogramma Baenschi

    The fish arrived in excellent condition! I was worried about shipping them across the country but I was assured it wasn't a problem. The pair acclimated quickly and immediately started foraging throughout the tank. Very pleased with the quality and health of the fish and I would definitely purchase again.

  • Posted by Robert Keeton on Mar 19th 2023


    First order and I'm very impressed

    Great first time experience from ordering to delivery. Great communications, shipping, packaging and product quality.

  • Posted by C.T on Feb 9th 2023


    Apistogramma Baenschi ‘Inka 50’

    I was worried about my Apistos when I was informed there was a one day delivery delay due to weather . Luckily, the Apistos arrived with no issues. They were very shy at first, but after the first week they were already out and about exploring the tank. They look great.

  • Posted by Bryan Anderson on Mar 26th 2022



    Fish came in great condition. Individually bagged and heat pack included. Would definitely recommend and shop again. Thanks Jason and RFBF!

  • Posted by Unknown on Mar 16th 2022


    Great looking fish

    Very nice looking fish. Arrived quick and healthy as can be.

  • Posted by Tyler on Jan 16th 2022


    Beyond Happy

    I purchased a trio of Apistogramma Baenschi and am beyond happy with my purchase! Jason does a great job communicating and always responds to questions and emails. Once they arrived they were excellently packaged. Heat pack was still warm. The fish were individually bagged in double heat sealed bags. Zero leaks, zero signs of illness. Once acclimated and added to the tank within 30 minutes they were colored up and searching for food. I am thrilled with my purchase and would not hesitate to recommend Jason and RFBF to a friend. And I will definitely be ordering again!