Orange Venezuelan Corydoras Catfish *German Tank-Bred!* (Corydoras venezuelanus var. orange)

Imported European Fish

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This fish is a beautiful, naturally-occuring color mutation of the much-loved and often-purchased Bronze Corydoras. As juveniles, the fish are green with a distinct gold patch on their backs; the size and brilliance of this orange patch varies, the larger and more brilliant the orange patch, the higher quality the fish. As the fish ages, this orange patch grows larger and more pronounced -- with age, comes beauty! These will not last long. ***This fish ships individually bagged, one fish per bag*** Approximately 1 to 1.25 inches in length

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Imported European Fish

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    1 Reviews

  • Posted by Susan Schwartzbach on Nov 7th 2022



    Beautiful fish. Very active and fun to watch. Arrived in perfect condition as did all fish I have received from RedFishBlueFish.