Black Venezuelan Corydoras Catfish (Corydoras sp. black venezuela)

Imported European Fish

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The black venezuelan corydoras is one of the most sought after species of corydoras in the hobby. Jet black with deep gold iridescence on its flanks, these fish are a very uncommon color to be in the aquarium. There is some debate as to what species this fish is exactly, with some candidates being: venezuelanus, schultzii, and aeneus. What is certain is that this color form is jaw dropping, and not that easy to find. Our European tank bred specimens are around an inch in length, and they are already gorgeous! You can expect them to get to about 2½ inches when they are fully mature.

In the wild where corydoras species originate, the water would typically be fairly acidic with almost undetectable hardness, and you should keep this in mind when setting up your black venezuelan cories, but they have been tank bred for generations, and thus are definitely capable of adjusting to different water parameters. The most important thing to keep in mind is that clean water is necessary, as is a filter that is capable of handling the waste these fish generate, as they are constantly scrounging around for food, and in doing so are constantly eating and stirring up the substrate. You’ll also want to have them in water that is acidic to slightly alkaline, and hardness no higher than 250ppm or so.These little fish prefer to have a planted tank as well as some driftwood and leaves to swim around, as well as forage from. Those sorts of items will also naturally acidify and soften the water, as they leach tannic acid as they rot in your aquarium.

When considering tankmates for these fish, consider first that they are a gregarious species, and prefer to have a shoal of at least a half dozen or so to display their natural behavior, and this may eventually result in getting some eggs from them as well! Other than multiples of the same species, you can also consider other livestock that might be sympatric, such as some tetra species, or perhaps some dwarf cichlids, which we happen to carry quite a number of! Just keep in mind that these little catfish do prefer to swim around the bottom, so don’t put too many other bottom dwellers in with them, lest they all compete for space. No matter your choice, your black venezuelan corydoras will definitely add an interesting spot to your tank. These fish ship individually bagged.

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Imported European Fish

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