Panda Garra (Garra flavatra)

Imported European Fish

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The panda garra is a peaceful and boisterous addition to any aquarium, although maybe a better common name for it would be a bumblebee garra, since it is colored black and yellow, not white, its latin name even points to something more to that like, with “flavatra” being derived from both flavus for yellow, and ater for black. Whatever you want to call this fish, Garra flavatra is a great addition to your aquarium. Originally collected from Myanmar, this fish reaches about 3 ½ inches in length, and was instantly popular amongst aquarists for many reasons.

This fish is largely an algae eater, which is yet another factor that contributes to their popularity in aquaria, but they do not exclusively eat algae, and need a diet supplemented with more protein rich foods as well, such as bloodworms and daphnia, as well as some sinking wafers, both algae or carnivore, which are more calorically dense. These large fish are constantly eating, and they definitely do eat quite a lot. Another way to consider these is to think of them as Asian plecos with slightly softer mouths. These lovely fish also appreciate the addition of botanicals as well as natural decorations, both as a hiding place as well as a location to generate biofilm, which is one of the main things that these fish eat in the wild. This will not only allow them to behave more like they would in the wild, it also will allow for a more robustly healthy fish, since they have access to grazing surface any time that they would want. These fish also do extremely well in a densely planted tank, getting large enough to keep many types of algae at bay, while not getting so large that they bulldoze plants, and they also do not eat larger leafed plants such as Echinodorus species.

These little garras are a great addition to a community tank, whether you get a single one to mosey around inside your aquarium or you get a small group of them to frolick there, you will surely not be disappointed by these active fish. With their eventual size and their uncanny ability to squeeze into places that you wouldn’t expect them to fit, they are a good addition to nearly any aquarium you could think of, and will usually do their part as a voluntary janitor extremely well. These fish do not ship individually bagged.

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Imported European Fish

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    2 Reviews

  • Posted by Gary on Jan 26th 2022


    Cool Fish

    I have never had a panda garra, nice colors and cool looking fish.

  • Posted by Regina French on Dec 3rd 2020


    Love these guys

    I just recently purchased these from another seller and got hooked on them. I ordered from Jason and OMG they are smaller and so so cute and busy. Arrived healthy all healthy and warm.