Zebra Acara "Rio Icana" F1 Tank-Bred (Ivanacara adoketa "Rio Icana")

American-Bred Fish

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These European tank-bred F1 beauties are a sight to behold in-person and will be a wonderful treat for any Dwarf Cichlid fan. This species hails from Igarapé do Cumaru, an affluent of the rio Paraná Atauí, which is itself a tributary of the middle rio Negro basin in Amazonas state, northwestern Brazil. It is believed to be endemic to the mid-and-upper parts of the Negro system. With a maximum size of just under 4 inches, this is indeed a Dwarf Cichlid but it is one that sports colors unlike any other. These incredibly rare animals will not last! The current specimens on offer are young, perhaps 1.5 long each, and are sold unsexed due to their younger age. Younger fish display muted, brown coloration with small blue dots until reaching adulthood. This fish ships individually bagged, one fish per bag

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    7 Reviews

  • Posted by Beau on May 14th 2023



    The zebra acara arrived happy and beautiful. Absolutely no complaints, I will order more fish from you

  • Posted by Devin Wagner on Apr 17th 2023



    Outstanding customer service and product. Will be buying from them again.

  • Posted by Nate Cotroneo on Jan 30th 2023


    Picture confusion

    The fish are doing great but I would have liked a picture of the size/appearance of the fish you would send. I’m assuming the picture you have for these fish may be a mature one, but mine do not have all those colors, as of now, they are rather grey/brown with minor black stripes.

  • Posted by Gerard Wurdack on Sep 12th 2022



    Amazing fish, amazing service. Jason was very patient with all my questions in helping me add this species to my fish room. Will definitely be back for more fish!

  • Posted by Luke on Aug 8th 2022


    Zebra Acara

    I ordered 2, they came in healthy and are very curious, but a bit shy right now. The larger one I have seems to be a male and when he faces off with the cockatoos he has striking stripes and speckles.

  • Posted by Jose mata on Jul 11th 2022


    An amazing and super curious fish

    The black acara is honestly a rewarding fish, and almost has the personality of a pea puffer/golden retriever, the fish is not afraid to interact and as well swims up the glass with confidence and as well expresses himself with his color pigment, almost like a chameleon

  • Posted by Jose on Jun 27th 2022


    Pretty interesting fish with a unique curiosity that can be seen with small toddlers and isn’t afraid to go up to the glass and interact with you

    Pretty interesting fish with a unique curiosity that can be seen with small toddlers and isn’t afraid to go up to the glass and interact with you