Ancistrus sp. L180 'Rio Lajeado' Bristlenose Pleco

Imported American Fish

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This amazing fish originally comes from Rio Lajeado, Maranhão but the specimens we have on hand were tank-bred here in the USA. They are true Ancistrus, so the males (and some females to a lesser degree) will form fleshy protuberances or 'bristles’ on their snouts, hence the common name ‘Bristle-nosed Pleco’. These fish are vegetarians and feed on algae, zucchini, spirulina, green beans, and often enjoy spending time on and around wood, so keeping them in an aquarium well-stocked with Malaysian driftwood or similar will make for a happy home for these wonderful fish.

Ancistrus sp. L180 are members of the yellow-white dot complex of Ancistrus. They are similar to the 'Peppermint L181 Pleco' but they are their own species. They are not aggressive at all and would make a wonderful addition to your community aquarium. They tend to be shy, especially when introduced to a new aquarium or environment. Giving them shadowy places to retreat to will help ease them into your aquarium. These fish are approximately 2 to 3 inches each and ship individually bagged.

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Imported American Fish

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