Rio Abacaxis Dwarf Cichlid (Apistogramma sp. Abacaxis)

Imported European Fish

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This rare Apistogramma is easily one of the most colorful and uniquely adorned dwarf cichlids available today. This is one of the more recently discovered apistogramma species that is available in the hobby. We have obtained some German-bred specimens from a line which is quite a bit more adaptable to standard water parameters than their wild caught relatives.  A member of the agassizii complex, these fish have some of the most brilliant coloring, straight from the wild. This species is known to have a deep purple mouth and throat, which often extends further into the head, almost reaching the gill plate in spectacular individuals. The males have a lateral line that is reminiscent of the standard agassizii in shape, but is bordered with blue, yellow, and sometimes purple on the scales, with black cross hatching in between. Their rounded tails are a brilliant orange, which is ringed in a black crescent which almost looks like an outline, further popping the fish out from its surroundings. Their fins are also yellow and blue, and the seam of them is the same brilliant orange as the fill of its tail fin, and brilliant yellow-orange bellies which fade gradually into purple in front, and blue behind. The females of this species are not the most spectacular, but sometimes have small black dots all over their bodies which make for an interesting and beautiful identifying pattern.

Because these fish have not been bred in the hobby for very long, do note that they will be a bit more finicky with water parameters than some of the other options that we are offering on our site. They are quite happy living in water that is acidic to neutral, and water hardness is not really an issue, except when trying to rear eggs. These fish are noticeably more outgoing when they are in tannin stained water, as well as when they are more dimly lit. These fish also become much more outgoing when they have plenty of structures to hide in and behind, as well as some plants which also contribute to hiding spots, as well as to the filtration and oxygenation of the aquarium. If trying to breed these fish, it is even more important to have the botanicals in the water, both to soften the water as well as to feed fry once they are born.

We would highly recommend keeping these fish in either a species only setting, or with some very peaceful tankmates that would definitely not bother them. Smaller tetras like the ember or ruby tetra might be great options, or maybe some microrasboras such as Boraras brigittae or Sundadanio axelrodi. With the addition of tiny dither fish, these apistogrammas will be more enticed to come out and look for food, as well as be a bit more interactive with you when you approach the tank, although this is an especially shy species of apistogramma, maybe less so with each new generation of tank bred babies. These fish ship individually bagged.

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Imported European Fish

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    3 Reviews

  • Posted by Michael Ecklund on Nov 14th 2023


    What a cool little fish!

    This little lady has tripled in size, these are some good genetics! She is already in full dress and teasing her mate who just doesn’t quite seem to know what to do! He tries to draw her into the cave he selected, yet she seems to prefer another spot that she “guards” from the D. filamentosus! I’ve been out of the cichlid “game” for sometime and forgot how enjoy these fish are! Thanks a million Jason and the RFBF team!

  • Posted by Tyson Hayes on Apr 10th 2023


    These fish are amazing

    Jason has been very professional and helpful we had hiccups due to the shipping company but Jason was a man of his word and stood by his product I am definately buying from him again. His communication is the best I've ever had when buying fish on line and believe strongly in his fish they come in healthy and beautiful definately recommend buying from these guys Big thank you to Jason this has been my dream fish

  • Posted by Will Ogburn on Jul 8th 2021


    Dream Apistogramma Species

    This fish has been one I've been looking to get my hands on for years now and they came in perfectly. They are now settling into a biotope and coloring up nicely. Great packaging and service. Jason is super friendly and helpful. Highly recommend this fish and then entire site!