Triple Red Cockatoo Dwarf Cichlid (Apistogramma cacatuoides var. triple red)

Imported European Fish

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For fans of dwarf cichlids looking for a fish that is colorful, full of energy and attitude and is yet still hardy, unfussy and easy to keep, these Triple Red Apistogramma cacatuoides will certainly fit the bill. In fact out of all of the Apistogramma species, this one has probably been kept longer in the hobby than any other. Because of this, they are very well adapted to a whole host of water condtions and parameters. These "triple red" fish are called that because they've been selectively bred to have very red dorsal, anal and caudal fins which are splotched with flecks of black and are also irregularly edged and ringed in black, giving them an extremely fierce appearance.

Males are much larger and more colorful than are the females, and males also tend to 'flare up' and act tough towards one another. Sometimes there can be scuffles, so it is best to place these fish in an aquarium that will give them somee room to move around and stake claims to their territories. It is also very important to keep these fish in a setting filled with rocks and plants to break up line of sight; breaking up line of sight in fish species often helps to keep down aggression and fighting.

These are very easy to keep and breed fish, and they lay large clutches of eggs given good food and a cave to retreat to. Born and bred in Europe, these fish make excellent centerprice fish but they won't at all stress your wallet when doing so! These dwarf cichlids ship individually bagged, one fish per bag, and we recommend always getting a pair so that your fish have company and happiness!

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Imported European Fish

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    11 Reviews

  • Posted by Marcos Barrera on Feb 11th 2023



    Showed up early the day after it shipped, and ready to show off and eat.... Thanks Red Fish Blue Fish for the service!

  • Posted by Nate on Jan 24th 2023



    Apistos came well packaged and healthy

  • Posted by jimmy maxey on Nov 6th 2022



    They are young (not babies, almost full grown juvies), but a gorgeous pair! We did not expect them to acclimate so quickly but they must have been well taken care of because within a couple days the male is already trying to flex his fins and show-off for his girl. Thanks you Red Fish Blue Fish for delivering a great quality pair of Apistogramma.

  • Posted by Logan Vogel on Aug 17th 2022


    Pair (Male & Female.

    Arrived in good health in separate bags & cold pack. I believe they have them in RO/DI water or at least filtered water very low TDS. Overall 5/5 I recommend doing the next day air that's what I did. Shipped to IA from WA

  • Posted by Luke on Aug 8th 2022


    Male/female pair

    My fish were healthy and the 2 males where ruling the tank immediately after being introduced.

  • Posted by Michael on Jul 10th 2022



    Pair looked good for being shipped in this heat Have been in there new home about 4 days now still doing fine

  • Posted by Cody H on Apr 20th 2022


    Pictures don’t do it justice

    The colors are outstanding. Even the females have red and orange in fins. The colors are electric. It’s hard to describe how much color they have without seeing in person. Out of the bag they showed such intense red orange color it’s almost like they were painted with neon paint. RFBF is outstanding and these specimens are A plus. Healthy, disease free, no sunken belly and eating everything from flakes, pellets, bloodworms and sinking wafers for cory cats. Within mins of putting caves in they were pairing up. I spilt them up after 2 days and they are already spawning at 78 degrees. They love sand and constantly sift thru it and love leaf litter. I would definitely recommend leaf litter. Jason answered all my questions and I can’t wait to order again

  • Posted by Fred Gerard on Feb 13th 2022


    Apistogramma Double red cockatoo

    well packaged, in good health, but small. Still a juvenal fish. Same size that my female. It will take few months to see the its flashing colors.

  • Posted by Aaron Hutte on Jan 22nd 2022



    Arived alive and look to be healthy 5 days later still alive and look ok