Superblue Kerri Tetra (Inpaichthys kerri var. superblue)

Imported European Fish

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These tiny tettras are probably our favorite of the Inpaichthys genus. Brilliant deep royal blue in color with that same hue extending forward into the fish's face to form a curious little bandito's mask, these fish are very active and shoal well to form a wall of activity that will entertain your guests, friends and family alike. ***These fish DO NOT ship individually bagged. They are schooling/shoaling fish, and individual bagging/shipping causes unnecessary stress*** Approximately 1.25 to 1.5 inches in length

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Imported European Fish

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    4 Reviews

  • Posted by Annette on Aug 22nd 2022


    Super blue Kerri tetra

    These guys are the prettiest vibrant blue. Reminds me of a blueberry. Just got them a week ago so they are still in a quarantine tank but they are beautiful. Will def buy again and recommend them as well

  • Posted by Monique on Jul 25th 2022


    Beautiful Energetic Fish!

    Packing was great. They all looked fine. Dull in bag right? After a couple days they are VERY dark, and VERY active. I have them in a 100 g tank with multiple other schooling or showing fish… They swim together from one side to the other stopping to check out under some of the plants or wood. They pose to one another sizing each other up or displaying. Very happy with my purchase (I got 10)

  • Posted by Ken on Jun 13th 2022


    Awesome fish

    doing great!

  • Posted by Sandra Monzon on Nov 30th 2020