Blue Diamond Head Neon Tetra (Paracheirodon innesi var. diamant)

Imported European Fish

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Paracheirodon innesi is one of the most popular fish in the aquarium hobby, and you may know it better by its common name: the neon tetra. Most people know what a neon tetra is, and for decades, the neon tetra has been a go-to starter fish for hobbyists, both completely brand new as well as experienced fishkeepers. You may be familiar with the normal color pattern of the neon tetra, with its blue top side and silver belly, as well as the bright red wash that is on the underside towards the tail. The blue diamond head neon tetra is the same species of fish, but instead of having a blue top side, all of the blue is shifted forward, in and around the eyes, and the red creeps up to take up the entire posterior end of the fish. The blue around the eyes also tends to be much brighter than the blue of a standard colored neon tetra, almost as if the same number of iridophores exist, but they just all decided to gather around the eye. This color form is also much more metallic in appearance than the standard one.

Just like with other normal neon tetras, this is an unfussy fish which can handle a great variety of water parameters. The wild collected ones are already quite capable of dealing with vastly different water parameters than they would experience pre-collection, but this color form takes it one step further. This version is not found in the wild, and was created by fish breeders through many generations of selective breeding, and as such they have been raised for generations in water that is already much different than the Amazon river. These fish have been in much more neutral water all of their lives, and so they will have an even easier time transitioning from our tanks to yours at home. Just ensure that your filter is seasoned and ready to handle some bioload, because you’ll want to add a large number to your tank, both for aesthetics as well as for their comfort.

These tetras are not very big, and they are also fairly peaceful, so they can easily go into a peaceful community aquarium. In this case, you will want to be sure that there is nothing that will bully these fish, or outcompete them for food. Due to their only eating food that is suspended in the water column, you may want to add some Corydoras to clean up uneaten food that they may leave behind. If you are bored of the regular neon tetra’s color composition, you might want to give these guys a try, with their more nuanced beauty. These shoaling fish do not ship individually.

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Imported European Fish

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    2 Reviews

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    Great customer service

    The fish are beautiful and all doing great -- and the team at RFBF is outstanding. They went above and beyond, again. I always have good luck with them. Highly recommended. :)

  • Posted by Sandra Monzon on Nov 30th 2020