Cardinal Tetra *Czech Tank-Bred* (Cheirodon axelrodi)

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These gorgeous cardinal tetras were tank-bred in the Czech Republic and are the healthiest, hardiest and most robust we've ever seen. While most in the trade are wild-caught, long ago we learned the value of tank-bred cardinal tetras as they hold up much better living in aquaria and are happier living in a captive community setting. These are the perfect schooling fish to bring maximum flash and color to your living room fish tank. ***These fish DO NOT ship individually bagged. They are schooling/shoaling fish, and individual bagging/shipping causes unnecessary stress*** Approximately 1 inch in length

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Imported European Fish

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2 Reviews

  • Posted by Susi Schuchard on Jun 17th 2021


    Czech Cardinal Tetra

    Until you've seen these Czech Cardinals, you haven't seen Cardinals at their best. There's a difference...and these are the top shelf. Fantastically packed and shipped!

  • Posted by Mark D. Ingbritson on Feb 6th 2021


    really nice fish

    Beautiful, healthy fish and really awesome customer service. Highly recommended for sure.