Nanus Corydoras Catfish (Corydoras nanus)

Imported European Fish

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Corydoras nanus is a cute new addition to the tiny corydoras group! A pretty rare species in the wild, these little fish were originally collected from the Suriname and Maroni river basins in Suriname, and the Iracoubo basin in French Guiana. We have seen very few specimens of this species collected in the wild, but luckily there are aquarists who have seen good success breeding them. Ours are tank bred in Europe, and are coming in around 1 inch or so currently. This corydoras is similar in size to other small species, such as Corydoras habrosus, hastatus, and pygmeus, but its body pattern looks a lot like a julii corydoras! If you love that spotted to irregularly barred pattern but don’t have a tank large enough for something larger, look into these guys!

In the wild, these little fish are collected from moderately flowing streams, so as such you should probably have some decent flow inside your aquarium for them, as these catfish are zippy. In the wild, the water parameters would be fairly soft, and typically acidic, but with captive breeding for generations, they do not seem to mind the ph or the hardness too much. One important thing is to make sure that your filter is running efficiently, since these little fish, like most catfish, tend to root around in the substrate and stir things back into the water column as they eat, which can tend to bog down your filter quite quickly. These cories do tend to be pretty shy, so they really appreciate the addition of decorations and caves in order to have a place to retreat to. They also like the addition of plants, for the same reason, and you can also include some botanicals in order to give them some extra grazing space as well. These fish tend to do well eating leftover food that makes it to the bottom of the tank, but you should feed a bit extra to intentionally get a bit of food to the bottom. You could also supplement with algae wafers, or some canned or fresh blanched veggies.

The nanus corydoras do not get very large, as mentioned above, so if you want to add them to a community aquarium you should not include them in any tank that has a predator large enough to fit these corydoras in their mouth. Not only could this be obviously fatal for your corydoras, they have spines on their pectoral and dorsal fins which they can lock in place in order to become a sort of living barb, potentially fatal to the larger fish as well. Other than that, peaceful community aquariums are a great home for this small but lovely corydoras. These fish ship individually bagged.

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Imported European Fish

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  • Posted by Regina French on Dec 3rd 2020


    Love Corys

    I just love all kinds of Corys but the smaller types of them are my favorite. Arrived in 4 days because of the holiday but arrived still warm and healthy. Kudos to Jason.