Clown Loach (Botia macracantha)

Imported European Fish

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A very sought-after species in the hobby to be certain, these Clown Loaches each measure about 3 inches right now, but they’ll get as large as 12 inches each and can live for as long as 25 years! Native to the waters of Indonesia, these are very peaceful bottom-dwelling fish that love eating small snails and other crustaceans, as well as blood worms – their favorite treat!

It is very important that these fish are provided with rocks, wood and plants that they can naturally find cover in. They are typically somewhat shy with a tendency towards activity at night and early in the morning. Fun fact: Most aquarists incorrectly classify this fish as a ‘scaleless’ fish. Not true! These fish are covered in tiny micro-scales.

We are in love with these fish and their cute little loach faces as they peer out from behind  their favorite hiding rocks, waiting for delicious blood worms to come flooding into their home aquarium. These fish should be kept between 73 and 85 degrees F and they are happy with water anywhere between a Ph of 6 to 7.5.

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Imported European Fish

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