Lake Inle Rummynose Rasbora (Sawbwa resplendens)

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From Lake Inle in Myanmar, we are happy to have in stock, pairs only, these wonderful Sambwa resplendens. These tiny peaceful fish are now Critically Endangered, but worry not! These specimens were tank-bred in Europe from captive-bred stock. Breeding these rare fish in your own aquarium will be a rewarding experience and will allow the species to be spread and shared amongst other hobbyists.

These curious little fish can only be described (respectfully) as evolutionary weirdos. They completely lack scales and have no teeth at all. What's more, since these fish are Characins, they also have no stomach! But what these wonderful little fellows lack in complex physiology is more than made up for in their peaceful, sunny dispositions and precious behavioral nature. They spend most of their time in the midwater of aquariums and need plants, stones and other structures to crowd around for a sense of shelter and safety.

Whether or not these fish are actually rasboras, danios, or barbs is a source of serious debate. While these fish most closely resemble rummynose tetras in shape, they are certainly not tetras. It is likely that these fish will simply remain an evolutionary curiosity. The common name, 'asian rummynose', is a ridiculous moniker, and so we are paying homage to the wonderful lake these fish hail from and are rightfully calling them the Lake Inle Rummynose Rasbora.

The males have gorgeous orange heads and the upper and lower tips of their caudal fins feature the same glowing orange wash. The females are quite a bit more plain looking with distinctive gold tones and are smaller in size next to their male counterparts. These are true nano fish and as stated, they are very peaceful. They must not be kept with any other aggressive fish as they suffer greatly in high stress scenarios. These fish are currently sold in pairs only.

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