Blueberry Tetra *RARE* (Hyphessobrycon wadai)

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Hyphessobrycon wadai is a beautiful new nano fish that was quite recently introduced to the hobby, as well as the scientific world! Only described a few years ago in 2016, this fish has a gorgeous purply blue body and orange fins as an adult. You can typically also see an orange lateral line, as well as some red in the eyes, and a delicate white in the unpaired fin tips. This fish has a single humeral blotch, meaning that it has one dot on its shoulder, behind its gills and above its pectoral fins. It has no caudal peduncle blotch, meaning that there is no distinct marking on its body right before the tail fin, and the body’s pigment extends all the way to the fin. Depending on the lighting, the bodies of these fish can go from blue to purple, and it’s plain to see why they are also known as the blueberry tetra.

These fish are originally collected in the rio Tapajos in Brazil, and has since been popularized by Brazilian aquascapers and breeders alike. In fact, this fish is named after the Brazilian breeder Luiz Wada. These fish are from streams that have constant flow, so it is important to keep water moving when keeping these fish. There should not be stagnant water, and although they are not found with many plants in the wild, these fish definitely appreciate a planted tank with some hardscape that they can hide in. In the wild they have a sand substrate, and you might make a similar consideration when setting up a tank for these tiny guys.

These nano fish cap out at just over an inch, so make sure you choose tank mates that are suitable for them, as larger fish could nip their fins and outcompete them for food, but these are definitely going to hold their own against similarly sized tetras and some Corydoras or Apistogrammas. These fish are also prime candidates for a species only tank, as they are beautifully colored and large enough to show off, while small enough to have a sizable school. Ours are currently a bit over an inch, and you can expect them to not get much larger than that, and to color up nicely. These schooling fish do not ship individually bagged.

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  • Posted by Susi Schuchard on Jun 17th 2021


    Blueberry Tetra

    It's often a bit scary to buy a species you haven't kept before. Fear not! These are confident, nice-sized tetra that move well in the tank. That they are uniquely colored is the cherry on top. Take the risk. You'll be glad you did.