Ember Tetra (Hyphessobrycon amandae)

Imported European Fish

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These tiny nano fish which hail from South America are very popular with aquascaping and planted tank-type aquarists because they school and shoal tightly together and are brilliantly amber in color, yet they do not distract from the overall aesthetic of beautifully planted aquariums. They stay very small, never getting longer than one inch and are completely peaceful, often preferring to hang out around plants and mosses for a feeling of security. These fish should not be placed into any aquarium with aggressive fish; they require a peaceful environment to thrive. Ember Tetras do not ship individually bagged.

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Imported European Fish

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    2 Reviews

  • Posted by xanadu-doo on Apr 15th 2022


    Grade aaa+++ -- wonderful fish. super healthy and happy and STUNNING!

    a wonderful small schooling fish. These adapted easily into my existing community tank -- one of the coolest little fish -- you actually get to see these guys vs, the rasboras who just hide. Very active, happy, healthy and all-around awesome fish. Thanks again, Jason and the team for fantastic fish, always. :)

  • Posted by Josue on Mar 4th 2022


    Great color!

    They are great looking in the planted tank. They even have better color than the others I have gotten from my lfs. Will be ordering more in the future for sure.