Norman's Lampeye Killifish (Poropanchax normani)

Imported European Fish

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The lampeye killifish certainly earns its name as soon as you see it, with their stunning blue eyes that glow upon a background that is silvery white, with small splashes of color here and there. This fish does typically get a yellowy red tinge to all of its fins, in slightly varying hues and opacities, but typically more on the subtle side of coloration than brilliant. The eye is definitely the brightest and most attractive feature of this fish, and all of these factors combined with their active swimming and schooling behavior make them a very popular choice in aquascapes. When they dart around the aquarium, they force the viewer’s eyes to travel all around the scene, and all the while they are not detracting from the installation which they are there to highlight. Originally from Africa, ours are bred in the USA. Sitting around 1 ½ inches currently, they will not get much longer, but will get girthier as well as much brighter when they have adjusted to your aquarium.

These fish were originally collected from many rivers in Central and West Africa, with different species in the same genus also being collected from different regional rivers of Africa. As African river fish, these killis prefer mildly acidic water that is low in hardness. Being very small savannah fish, these normani killifish have been found in water that is very shallow, which might explain why they do not seem to mind the temperatures too much, seeming comfortable in the 65-80 degree range, which is much wider than many fish we keep. These fish do appreciate the addition of decorations and plants in order to have a hideout to retreat to. These fish, being quite small, also have mouths that are fairly small, so another important thing is to make sure you have food that is small enough to be palatable to this diminutive species.

When seeking to put these in a community aquarium, you would probably have good success putting them with anything that is similarly sized, and has a similar temperament. However, due to their small size and low bioload, this is a really great species to get a large school of, and keep in a species only tank. When doing so, their natural shoaling behavior can come out in full as they are no longer in competition with any species, and this behavior is truly a sight to behold. With their small size, if you kept them in a species only setting, especially in a well planted and filtered aquarium, you could comfortably keep a dozen or more in a 10 gallon tank! These shoaling fish do not ship individually bagged.

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Imported European Fish

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    3 Reviews

  • Posted by Gil Schoux on May 21st 2023


    Norman’s Killfish

    All 10 fish arrived in good health, and are a beautiful addition to my tank!

  • Posted by Scott Rathbun on Feb 16th 2022



    My order came today. These little killifish are absolutely beautiful. They immediately started exploring their new home and gobbled down lots of baby brine shrimp. Love them

  • Posted by Will on Jul 8th 2021


    Fantastic Little Killifish

    All 6 I got look great and started schooling right away. Great packaging and service. Jason is super friendly and helpful. Highly recommend this fish and then entire site!