Two-Stripe Killifish (Aphyosemion bivittatum 'Funge')

Imported European Fish

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Aphyosemion bivittatum, or the two-stripe killifish, is a small killifish that comes from the Ndian river, which runs almost parallel to the border between Cameroon and Nigeria. The color form we have to offer is collected exclusively from the Funge river, a small stretch along the Ndian which is fairly close to the coastal floodplains of the region. Apparently, these nano fish are collected close to a certain waterfall on the river. There is a separate color form of the fish known as “biafra” but this color form has a pale yellow body which can sometimes get some red or orange in it, with two lateral lines running horizontally across the body. The males of the species get some incredible iridescence when they are fired up and trying to impress a female, shining all sorts of blues, greens, and oranges. Their once translucent fins turn into magnificent displays of color, with spots arranged in a latticework across the dorsal and a bright red band edged by bright blue on either side on the anal and ventral fins. The tail will express all of the colors of the rainbow, and also sometimes have a loose latticework of dots. The female in contrast is more true to her color, with not much iridescence and usually much better displaying the namesake two stripes. Capping out at 2 inches, these fish are a great choice for a smaller aquarium.

Because these fish are native to swamps which are near rainforest, this fish would likely have acidic water most of the time in the wild, from all of the leaf litter and branches that would often fall into the water from the nearby trees and release tannic substances. However according to fishbase, it is found with soil that contains calcium, and so its proximity to the ocean may play a part in seasonally washing ocean silt or even water into the area. These killifish, like most killifish, occupy the top third or so of the tank usually, and are tough fish also, and do not need any flow, although with the complete absence of flow and filtration you might find yourself needing to change water a bit more often. A slowly working sponge filter should be plenty to run an aquarium occupied by these fish which do not get very large.

These little killis are a good choice for a community aquarium, since they do not get very large and are not very aggressive. They are also a lot of color in that tiny package, making them well worth getting and seeing every day. However, if you are thinking about breeding them, you would be much more successful getting a pair or a harem their own tank and allowing them to lay eggs in floating plant roots or a spawning mop before rearing the fry in their own separate tank. Whichever you choose, this fish is sure to brighten your day. And what’s more, this fish happens to not be an annual species, so it will potentially live up to 4 years or so! These fish ship individually bagged.

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Imported European Fish

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