Elizabeth's Red Dwarf Cichlid (Apistogramma elizabethae var. Red)

Imported European Fish

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This utterly stunning Dwarf Cichlid hails from the lower rio Uaupés in Amazonas state of northwestern Brazil. It seems to occur only in that drainage collective and the adjacent rio Içana. Both of these are tributaries of the upper Rio Negro system. The males of the species are well noted for having brilliant red and blue tones and feature long fin extensions, particularly on their caudal fins. This color morph we are selling here features deep red tones on the males' flanks, and was originally collected from the wild in the vicinity of the settlement of 'Tucana', although these particular fish are captive-born, tank-bred in Europe and imported.

These fish do require dim lighting and also need rocks and plants, leaf litter and the like for cover. They are not fussy eaters and do well on frozen food, live food and fish flakes alike. Elizabeth's Dwarf Cichlid should never be placed into an aquarium that is not yet cycled; these fish certainly do best with soft water and do not like high levels of organic waste at all, so make sure sufficient filtration exists on your aquarium. Aquariums with high rates of water flow are not recommended for these fish as they prefer more still, peaceful waters. These fish ship individually bagged.

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Imported European Fish

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    Fish arrived alive and in excellent condition, just as all my other orders from these guys.