Hongslo's Red-Gold Dwarf Cichlid (Apistogramma hongsloi var. red-gold)

Imported European Fish

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Apistogramma honsgloi is a beautiful dwarf cichlid which originates in Colombia, collected from both the rio Meta and the rio Vichada, which in turn become the rio Orinoco as it winds south into Venezuela. This species of small fish seems to only be found in these three river systems in the wild, but after generations of selective breeding, we are able to offer a completely different color form! Our “red gold” color form is tank bred in Europe, and then imported to us. This color form is known as red gold because it has a small amount of blue iridescence in the right lighting, but the blue wash towards the rear of the fish becomes much more golden yellow, and the red spot on the belly also is enlarged compared to the standard color form.

This fish in the wild is typically found in typical South American river water, filled with rotting botanicals which both soften the water and stain it a tea-colored brown, pulling the pH of the water around it into a distinctly acidic range. However, our fish are quite adaptable to different water parameters, with the most important factor being clean water. After ensuring that your water is clean and that your filter is definitely capable of handling the amount of waste that will be added to the system, you can expect these fish to do well in anything from acidic water to basic water, and as long as your hardness is less than 250 or so ppm. Wood and leaf litter are also greatly appreciated additions to your tank, as natural aesthetic additions and as sources of tannic acid. The tannic acid that leaks as the botanicals rot will both soften your water and lower your pH naturally, and will give any small critters a location to pick food off of as well as a hiding place to escape potential predators. Plants will also contribute to this same effect, and you might consider adding some plants, which will also help oxygenate and filter the aquarium.

This apistogramma will add a pop of gold and red to any peaceful community aquarium, and can handle themselves even with some more boisterous tankmates. Always keep in mind that in more aggressive situations you will tend to see shorter fins, typically without any filaments or extensions. You may consider keeping them with smaller tetra species as they might be sympatric in the wild, and this will bring out another aspect of their natural behavior. Some livebearers or hatchets may be a great choice as well, as these stay near the top and will not tend to compete with or eat baby apistogrammas that you may or may not produce. All in all, a gorgeous man made variant! These fish ship individually bagged.

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Imported European Fish

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