El Tigre ‘Campoma’ Endler (Poecilia wingei ‘El Tigre’ collection point ‘Campoma’)

Imported European Fish

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The Endler’s livebearer was originally collected from a brackish lake called laguna de Patos in Venezuela, which then was landlocked and eventually became freshwater due to runoff. They have also been collected from two other lakes in the area, which are the laguna de Buena and the laguna de Campoma. Most endlers found in the hobby are not actually pure Poecilia wingei, but are some mix of Poecilia wingei and reticulata, the common guppy. This is not the case with these beautiful fish we currently have, which are pure endlers, collected from the laguna de Campoma and tank bred for generations to achieve the look that they currently have. These el tigre endlers were apparently discovered under a bridge in a village. They have a distinct black dorsal side, as well as a jet black dorsal fin. On the lower side of their body, they feature an array of neon red and green, with variable stripes of the dorsal black color. This is likely the quality which led to them being called “el tigre” as a strain name.

These fish tend to prefer to live in harder water, sometimes even ranging into brackish water, but they are very adaptable, and will most likely thrive no matter what water parameters you keep them in. They do not seem to care about the ph as long as it is relatively neutral, and these active fish appreciate a bit of flow to swim in. Decorations and plants are a great addition to the tank, as this will give shelter and a place to glean food from when you are not actively feeding, as well as a place for potential fry to find food and stay alive. Because these fish are livebearers, you will likely see a population increase in your aquarium the longer you keep them together. You will also want a filter which is robust and able to keep up with the bioload in the tank, as continued reproduction will soon mean that a lot of fish are making waste in your tank.

When thinking of tankmates for this fish, most things are acceptable, since these fish are quick and peaceful. Often times fishkeepers both brand new and advanced go to livebearers because they are constantly milling around in the tank and are always a splash of color. These pure endlers are also a great thing to mix into some bloodlines you might have to diversify genes and make stronger offspring a few generations down the line. Whatever the case, these fish are sure to bring you joy! These fish ship individually bagged.

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Imported European Fish

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