Japan Blue Gold Double Sword Endler (Peocilia wingei 'Japan Blue Gold Double Sword')

Imported European Fish

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The Endler’s livebearer was originally collected from a brackish lake in Venezuela called Laguna de Patos, which then became freshwater due to being landlocked and rain runoff over time. They are also collected from two different lakes in the area, namely Laguna de Buena Vista and Laguna de Campoma. This diminutive species is named after Dr. Ojvind Winge, who did quite a bit of work with Poecilia genetics, including figuring out the description of the “wingei” as opposed to the “reticulata” guppies. The “japan blue gold” half of the strain name describes the color palette, which is golden yellow on the front end, and fades into a sky blue known as “japan blue”. The blue is a beautiful iridescence that can express itself in different amounts on different fish, as well as the fish being able to fire up and down, which can change the amounts of blue. The double sword comes from the tail, which is mostly clear, but has two extensions on the top and bottom lobes, which look like swords and vary in color from a golden orange to a deep red.

These fish prefer to live in harder water, even brackish, but they are also very adaptable, able to do well in softer water as well, and not seeming to care about the ph as long as it is not too extreme. Endlers in general do appreciate having a bit of flow to swim against, as they are active and current will keep them busy. Decorations, as well as plants are a great addition to the tank as well, as this will allow subdominant fish to hide, as well as fry a place to not get eaten. A filter which works efficiently is the most important part, as these fish will continue to make more and more offspring, which will contribute to the bioload of the tank, and you do not want to overwhelm the tank.

When thinking of tankmates for this fish, most fish will be a good choice, since these little fish are quick and able to compete with larger things for food with little problem, and yet are not aggressive, and do not bother anybody. No matter what your preference, you are almost guaranteed to find a Poecilia wingei morph that suits your tastes, and with their small size, you can include them in tiny nano tanks as well, some that guppies would not even normally fit in! These fish ship individually bagged.

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Imported European Fish

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  • Posted by Valerie Miller on Nov 7th 2021


    Blue Gold Endler

    The male is the prettiest and brightest fish that I really like. Even my mom likes him a lot. I would buy another male if I could.