Silvertip Tetra (Hasemania nana)

Imported European Fish

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This very small nano fish is found primarily in the São Francisco basin in Brazil but they have a very wide distribution in both white and blackwater environments, using small side streams to travel between flowing bodies of water. As you may guess from the name, this fish has white, silvery bits of color found on the tips of their fins, and they’re always up for a party; this fish does best when kept in schools of a dozen or more. You would think from their tiny size that they are shy and will rarely be seen in a planted tank, but you could not be more wrong. These fish stay in schools, but they’re often found swimming to and fro in plain sight, hoping for a nice meal. These fish make excellent additions to aquascapes because they do not distract from the overall beauty and aesthetic of the arrangement. These fish do not ship individually bagged; average length is 1 inch.

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Imported European Fish

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    2 Reviews

  • Posted by east coast usa on Apr 29th 2023


    HIGHLY Recommend !!

    These silvertip tetra are my new favorite community planted tank schooling fish! They are so entertaining, fast, always moving and love to eat !! Also, very hardy and long lived. Bought a dozen or more a year ago and they are robust and seem to enjoy a 50 gallon in the company of livebearers, gouramis, and minnows.

  • Posted by DL on Feb 11th 2023



    Had 12 shipped . All arrived healthy. Great fish, nice sized, great packaging, would recommend