Platinum Red-Fin Dwarf Cockatoo Cichlid (Apistogramma Cacatuoides var Platinum Red-Fin)

Imported European Fish

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Just in from Lviv, Ukraine! Out of all of the Apistogramma species, this one has probably been kept longer in the hobby than any other. Because of this, they are very well adapted to a whole host of water condtions and parameters. These Platinum Red-Finned Apistogramma Cacatuoides have been selectively bred in captivity for many generations, making them fairly bullet-proof and much easier to keep than most other Apistogramma species. The 'Platinum' refers to the fish's somewhat pale yellow flanks and the 'red-fins' are apparent in the males. As with the other 'Red' Cockatoo varieties, the red fins are speckled with mottled black flecks. Please note that this black flecking coloration on the finnage is highly variable and each male fish has different amounts of black flecking and in different locations on their finnage. Red fin coloration is also variable in terms of placement and intensity.

Males are much larger and more colorful than are the females, and males also tend to 'flare up' and act tough towards one another. Sometimes there can be scuffles, so it is best to place these fish in an aquarium that will give them somee room to move around and stake claims to their territories. It is also very important to keep these fish in a setting filled with rocks and plants to break up line of sight; breaking up line of sight in fish species often helps to keep down aggression and fighting.

These are very easy to keep and breed fish, and they lay large clutches of eggs given good food and a cave to retreat to. Born and bred in Europe, these fish make excellent centerprice fish but they won't at all stress your wallet when doing so! These dwarf cichlids ship individually bagged, one fish per bag, and we recommend always getting a pair so that your fish have company and happiness!

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Imported European Fish

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