Imperial Blue Lapis Tetra *New, Rare* (Hyphessobrycon cyanotaenia)

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The Imperial Blue Lapis Tetra, scientifically known as Hyphessobrycon cyanotaenia, is a captivating and rare gem among aquarium enthusiasts. First described in 2006 by Zarske and Géry, this species belongs to the vast and diverse Characidae family, specifically within the Hyphessobrycon genus, which comprises around 150 species. Named after its distinctive cyan-colored mid-lateral line, the Imperial Blue Lapis Tetra boasts unique characteristics that set it apart from its relatives.

In its natural habitat, this tetra thrives in slow-moving tributaries and areas of rivers adorned with dense vegetation. The water in these biotopes is often infused with tannins and other organic substances, resulting in slightly acidic conditions. The Imperial Blue Lapis Tetra is recognized for its striking appearance, characterized by a clear cyan-colored mid-lateral line extending from the eye to the middle caudal fin rays. Unlike many of its counterparts, it lacks the elongated spot behind the gills and dark pigmentation in the eye.

Imperial Blue Lapis Tetras are relatively small, with males reaching lengths of about 3.3 cm and females growing to a maximum of 2.8 cm. Males typically exhibit more vibrant colors compared to females. Despite their small size, these tetras are a rare find in the aquarium hobby, possibly due to limited availability rather than difficulty in care.

Successfully keeping the Imperial Blue Lapis Tetra in aquaria requires careful attention to their environmental preferences. A tank size of at least 60 x 30 cm is recommended to provide ample swimming space. To recreate their natural habitat, aquarists should incorporate dense vegetation, roots, and dry leaves for hiding places. A dark, sandy substrate enhances the colors of these fish and contributes to their well-being.

Maintaining soft water conditions with a pH range of 5.5 to 6.8 is crucial for the health and vibrancy of Imperial Blue Lapis Tetras. While they are generally peaceful, territorial behavior among males can occur, emphasizing the importance of keeping them in a sizable school of at least 10 specimens. In a larger group, these tetras exhibit their natural behaviors and showcase their stunning colors, creating a visually striking display in the aquarium.

For enthusiasts fortunate enough to acquire the Imperial Blue Lapis Tetra, providing a well-planted aquarium with suitable hiding spots is key to their comfort. The addition of roots and dry leaves contributes to a more authentic environment and encourages natural behaviors. Regular water changes and maintenance ensure optimal water quality, supporting the overall health and longevity of these captivating fish.

The Imperial Blue Lapis Tetra stands as a rare and alluring addition to the aquarium hobby. With its unique coloration, peaceful demeanor, and specific care requirements, this tetra has the potential to captivate the hearts of aquarists who seek the beauty of lesser-known species. Dedicated attention to their habitat preferences and the creation of a suitable environment allows enthusiasts to unlock the full splendor of the Imperial Blue Lapis Tetra in their aquatic sanctuaries. These fish do not ship individually-bagged.

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