Hong Kong Yellowfin White Cloud Mountain Minnow (Tanichthys albonubes var. Hong Kong Yellowfin)

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This new variety of White Cloud Montain Minnow sports brilliant yellow edges on their dorsal and anal fins, and also seem to have quite longer than normal finnage otherwise. Tanichthys albonubes is a vert active fish that requires some room to swim around and are actually colder water fish, so they will tolerate water temperatures lower than what other tropical fish species will. ***These fish DO NOT ship individually bagged. They are schooling/shoaling fish, and individual bagging/shipping causes unnecessary stress*** Approximately 1.75 inches in length

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    1 Reviews

  • Posted by Mark von Wisco on Jul 17th 2021


    Vigorous Colorful White Clouds

    I ordered 11 of HK Yellowfin white clouds to put out in a summer tub. Within 2 weeks of moving the fish outside I already saw some small fry in with the adults. This strain of white clouds seems to run a smaller than the wild type. The yellow fins tips on the males can be seen from across a room, especially when the males are sparring. If you're looking for a good strain of long fin white clouds, you can't go wrong with these fish.