Long-Finned White Cloud Mountain Minnow (Tanichthys albonubes var. long fin)

Imported European Fish

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The white cloud mountain minnow was originally collected by a Chinese boy scout leader, after whom the genus “Tanichthys” was named. The species name albonubes roughly translates to white cloud, after the location it was first collected, namely White Cloud Mountain. These gorgeous fish range from pale yellow to a dark blue on the body, and they have a bright blue lateral line, bordered by a pinkish line right above. The dorsal fin is bright red whereas the anal fin is bright yellow, and both are edged by a bright white. The tail fin has a bright red blotch at the attachment point of the caudal peduncle, which washes out to nearly clear lobes. Most specimens can also get red lips and mouths, although it is much more prevalent in males than females. Reaching about 1½ inches in length, our fish are nearly fully grown and you can expect them to not grow too much, although they will color up immensely in your tank!

These fish are not very fussy about the water parameters in your aquarium, nor do they seem to care too much about decorations or plants, although both of the latter do help them feel more comfortable and color up better. These fish do seem to be healthier in cooler, more oxygenated water that is flowing at a decent clip, although these ones have long fins which do weigh them down a bit, so do not have flow too high. In the wild they are typically found in water that is fairly soft and neutral to slightly acidic in ph, but these fish have been bred for quite a few generations in captivity, and are not picky about it at all. Air driven sponge filtration might be a great idea for these fish, as they always appreciate additional oxygenation.

There are endless choices for tankmates for these extremely peaceful fish, since they are not too large and do not bother anybody. Because this is the long fin variant, do not keep them with anything that is too fast and aggressive, as you’ll see their fins get nipped, and when enough of this happens it is a likely zone for secondary bacterial infection, and their larger fins inhibit these fish from escaping the faster predators. Alternatively, you could keep them by themselves, since this species is known to be one of the best beginner fish to spawn that isn’t a guppy. These fish scatter their eggs, but do not eat their fry, so as long as you provide decent cover and feed adequately, you should see multiple generations of little fry pop out whenever you do your routine maintenance. These shoaling fish do not ship individually bagged.

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Imported European Fish

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    15 Reviews

  • Posted by Herbert mandl on Dec 9th 2023


    Fabulous fish!

    Great fish

  • Posted by Herbert mandl on Nov 18th 2023


    Fabulous fish

    Very good fish!

  • Posted by Jane of Upton on Jun 1st 2023


    AWESOME quality - I'll be back for sure!

    I bought up the last available group of these LF white clouds from the 04/2023 "fish arrived from Europe" announcement, and was curious if they would be the "bottom of the barrel". NOT AT ALL! I am SO very very pleased! These guys came in at a good size (young, but very well grown), and downright frisky! They were eating nearly right away, and colored up surprisingly fast. All were/are in excellent shape. I am SO very impressed. The shipping packaging was top notch, and I had the chance to communicate with Jason; there was one fewer fish than I'd ordered, but he completely made it right, and then some! Awesome, awesome company to deal with. The health and vitality of the fish, even after being shipped literally across the country (I'm in the New England area) was outstanding. These fish had obviously had the very best of care while held and evaluated at Red Fish Blue Fish. I'm thrilled to get these wonderful fish from European breeders. I will certainly be a repeat customer!

  • Posted by @thecupfish on Feb 6th 2023


    So far so good!

    Everything arrived alive! Fish were a larger than expected, plump, and healthy looking. They’re on day 3 of quarantine and I haven’t lost a single one. I’m super happy with my purchase and the service I received. Excited to order again in the future!

  • Posted by Curtis Tom on Jan 29th 2023


    Long fin white cloud minnows

    Good sized fish. Great colors

  • Posted by jessica on Aug 29th 2022



    They arrived healthy and colored up within the hour of adding them to my aquarium.

  • Posted by Alex on May 24th 2022


    Longfin White cloud Mountain minnows

    They arrived double bagged protected by quality foam and a heat pack. All arrived healthy and well so much so that they spawned in the bag while acclimating. They arrived fully mature and healthy with no deformities. Very good quality I am happy with my purchase

  • Posted by Chou on May 13th 2022


    Long fin White Cloud

    Fast shipping and very healthy.

  • Posted by Ray Woodyard on May 7th 2022



    Thank you