Agassizzi Double Red Dwarf Cichlid (Apistogramma agassizii var Double Red)

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These fish are part of an amazing import order just in from Europe! Apistogramma agassizii is a South American dwarf cichlid that has as many color forms as it does collection points. In the wild these fish vary in color on their body from blue to red to yellow, and their fins all vary in color from blue and purple streaked to a bright, pure red. Ours are European tank bred fish that have been selectively bred for generations in order to achieve a very specific color palette. The “double red” refers to the intense redness found on the dorsal and caudal fins of this fish, and of course the tell-tale black streak runs right down the ventral line and into the tail fin. The flanks of these fish are intensely blue-silver and are very metallic and shiny in appearance. A striking centerpiece fish for any addoring Apistogramma fan!

In the wild these fish are collected from a variety of different places, spread in many tributaries in the northern end of South America. These fish are collected in their variety of color forms from a vast array of land. They may also be reclassified into more detail where they separate different collection points into distinct species. No matter what collection point these fish came from, keep in mind that the water will never be above a 6.5 pH, and the water hardness is almost always nonexistent because of the amount of rotting leaves and branches in the water. Our tank bred fish are far more tolerant to varying water conditions, and these fish will be very happy in water that is slightly acidic to neutral. The water hardness can be up to 400ppm, which is exponentially higher than they would ever see in the wild. Getting fish that have been tank bred over many generations is a great benefit since they are much more tolerant to different water parameters, but these fish would still appreciate having branches and leaves added to the tank for them to hide in and nibble on. 

Apistogramma agassizii is a wonderful addition to a peaceful community tank, and it tends to not bother most fish that are not of the same species as itself. For tank mates some great additions to have with this fish are smaller tetras and rasboras. These will stay closer to the water's surface and give the dwarf cichlids a sense of security as dither fish. In a community setup such as this, these beautiful fish will show off more of their natural behavior and exhibit their brightest coloration. These fish ship individually bagged.

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3 Reviews

  • Posted by John Moore on Nov 5th 2022


    Agassizzi double red

    Fish arrived a day early, in great shape. They colored up and were taking food after an hour or so in quarantine.

  • Posted by Chris on Jun 19th 2022


    Apistogramma Agassizii

    Quick delivery, fish arrived in excellent condition, saw spawning behavior within the first 36 hours.

  • Posted by Fred Gerard on Dec 6th 2021


    Agassizzi double red

    Super price for a trio. Good health, very fast shipping. Will need couple of months for the colors to show.