Red Swamp Guppies *Rare, Wild-Form, Tank-Bred* (Micropoecilia picta)

Imported European Fish

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Micropoecilia picta, affectionately known as the Red Swamp Guppy, emerges as a captivating gem among freshwater aquarium enthusiasts. It is distributed throughout northeastern South America, including Guyana, Suriname, and Venezuela, and the Caribbean islands. It shares this range with the closely related guppies P. reticulata and P. parae. This petite fish enchants aquarists with its vibrant colors and fascinating behavior.

In the wild, Micropoecilia picta thrives in densely vegetated areas of swamps, streams, and slow-moving rivers. Capturing the essence of their native environment is pivotal for their well-being in captivity. Aquarists are encouraged to design aquariums adorned with lush aquatic plants, providing ample hiding places and mimicking the verdant sanctuaries these fish call home.

These captive-bred fish we have on offer prefer slightly acidic to neutral water with temperatures ranging from 72°F to 82°F (22°C to 28°C). Ensuring stable water parameters and employing efficient filtration systems fosters an environment conducive to their thriving.

We have found that dietary variety is key to meeting the nutritional requirements of Micropoecilia picta. As omnivores, they relish a diverse menu encompassing high-quality bug-based flake food and live or frozen daphnia. We also like to offer spirulina flakes as this really rounds the fish out; a balanced diet enhances their vibrancy and supports their overall well-being.

Breeding Micropoecilia picta in captivity offers enthusiasts a glimpse into their captivating reproductive behaviors. Exhibiting livebearing tendencies, females give birth to live fry rather than laying eggs. Aquarists may witness the mesmerizing spectacle of pregnant females bearing their young amidst the foliage of the aquarium. Providing ample hiding spots for fry enhances their survival prospects in the presence of adult conspecifics.

In community aquariums, Micropoecilia picta generally exhibits a peaceful demeanor. However, males may display territorial behavior, particularly in smaller tanks with limited space. Striking a harmonious balance among tank mates and maintaining appropriate male-to-female ratios mitigate potential conflicts, fostering a tranquil aquatic environment.

Micropoecilia picta stands as a testament to the captivating diversity found within the realm of freshwater aquaria. With meticulous attention to their natural habitat, water conditions, and dietary needs, aquarists can revel in the splendor of these diminutive yet charismatic fish. Whether adorning a community tank or serving as the focal point of a species-specific setup, Micropoecilia picta enriches the aquatic landscape with its radiant presence and entrancing allure. These fish ship individually-bagged, one fish per bag.

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Imported European Fish

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