Guyana Red Dragon Angelfish (Pterophyllum scalare var Guyana Red Dragon)

Imported European Fish

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Please note, the fish currently on offer are fully grown, very large individuals. The breathtaking Guyana Red Dragon Angelfish is a true wild-form morph freshwater fish endemic to South America, and is commonly found in the Amazon River Basin, specifically in Guyana and Venezuela. The name for this naturally-occurring wild color morph comes from the fact that this fish was first collected from and recorded in the Essequibo River of Guyana. One of the most striking features of the Guyana Red Dragon Angelfish is its vibrant coloration. The entire body of the fish is covered by intricate patterns of black, silver, red and white. The base color of the body is silver, but that silver is covered in many brilliant red spots and freckles, especially towards the head of the fish. On top of this are very deep, rich black vertical stripes that are so dark that they appear painted-on. The fins are long, flowing and delicate, almost translucent in appearance. The eyes of the Guyana Red Dragon Angelfish are also a unique feature, as they are a strikingly bright red color, adding to the overall beauty of the fish.

The Guyana Red Dragon Angelfish is a relatively large fish, growing up to 6 inches in length. It is important to note that the size of the fish can vary depending on various factors such as water conditions, diet, and genetics. This is a peaceful species that is generally well-behaved when kept in a community aquarium. However, it is important to note that they can be aggressive towards other angelfish, especially during mating season. It is recommended to keep them with similarly-sized and peaceful fish species.

To ensure the optimal health and well-being of the Guyana Red Dragon Angelfish, it is important to provide them with a spacious tank that is at least 55 gallons. The tank should be well-filtered and well-aerated to maintain water quality, as the species is sensitive to poor water conditions. The temperature of the water should be between 76-82°F, with a pH level of 6.0-7.5. The tank should also be decorated with plenty of plants, rocks, and driftwood to create a natural and comfortable environment for the fish. These Angelfish are an omnivorous species which feeds on a variety of foods in the wild. In captivity, they can be fed a diet of high-quality flakes, pellets, and frozen foods such as brine shrimp and daphnia. It is recommended to feed them small amounts of food throughout the day, rather than one large feeding.

Breeding the Guyana Red Dragon Angelfish can be a rewarding experience for aquarium hobbyists. The species is sexually dimorphic, meaning that males and females can be distinguished by their physical characteristics. Males typically have a pointed genital papilla and a slightly larger body size, while females have a rounder genital papilla and a slightly smaller body size. To encourage breeding, it is recommended to provide the fish with a spawning site such as a flat surface or a large leaf. The breeding pair will typically clean the site and lay eggs on it, which will then be fertilized by the male. The eggs will hatch within a few days, and the fry can be fed a diet of infusoria, newly-hatched brine shrimp, and finely crushed flakes. These fish ship individually bagged, one fish per bag.

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Imported European Fish

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  • Posted by Mike Omeg on Nov 25th 2023


    Been waiting for these wonders

    Got four of these recently. Excellent quality fish. Truly stunners. Nearly impossible to find angels of this quality, let alone of this rare variety. I will repeat.