Fire Ring Danio (Brachydanio kyathit)

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Brachydanio kyathit, the fire ring danio, and the kyathit danio, all refer to this colorful fish that was originally collected in Myanmar, from three of the tributaries that feed the Irrawaddy river. Some different collection points look different, but these fish are all beautifully spotted and found in differing hues of red and orange. Their species name, kyathit, is the Burmese word for leopard, and it is easy to see why when you compare the patterns of the large jungle cat to the spots on these nano fish. Ours are about 2 inches long, and you can expect them to not get much larger than that. At this size they are fully washed with their red, so the term fire ring should explain itself as soon as these guys are comfortable in your tank.

These fish are quite peaceful, and a great addition to your community tank, whether you’ve got plants or not! They are collected in a far range of southeast asia, and usually are found in areas that have quick flow, but with plenty of rotting botanicals and mud giving the water a tint, and making it slightly acidic. In your tank, you should aim for fairly neutral water, and on the softer end, as is usually the case with an acidic environment, but these fish will not mind if the water hardness is a bit higher, as long as the water has flow and is well oxygenated. These danio are active swimmers, and will need to have the space to zip around as they please, but you will also want to give them some decorations to hide in, as well as to break the flow of the water, as smaller fish like these kyathit danios cannot be constantly swimming in areas of high flow, they will tire out. You must also ensure that your water is clean, and your filter is well seasoned. In the wild these fish come from the upper parts of rivers, where they would get extremely clean water in a constant flow, so they will definitely be sensitive to dirty water, as many aquarium fish are.

If you’re a bit of a connoisseur, you could try setting these little fish up in something more similar to their native habitat, with a few plants coming out here and there from large piles of large river rocks. Add a few powerheads onto there, and perhaps after a bit you may see the odd fry surviving here and there! In the wild they would dump their eggs into the current, and then swim away, exhibiting no parental care, and hoping that their eggs would fall into crevices and then survive from there.

These fish are a great addition to your aquarium, and if you treat them right they will add a nice dash of color into your aquarium for a few years to come! These shoaling fish do not ship individually bagged. 

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    I highly recommend the fire ring danios. They showed up robust and very spunky! I will definitely order from RFBF in the future. Wonderful experience. ;)