Blue Galaxy Guppy (Poecilia reticulata var Blue Galaxy)

Imported European Fish

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These Blue Galaxy guppies, which were bred and derived from the ‘metalhead’ gene type (along with other desirable genes) by breeders in the Czech Republic, are covered in metallic scales and a wonderful blue pattern on their flanks. Their tails are a solid dark blue as well. They are sold specifically in pairs and are very healthy and prolific.

Guppies normally prefer to live in harder water, but they are also very adaptable, able to do well in softer water as well, and not seeming to care about the Ph as long as it is not too extreme. Guppies and endlers both in general do appreciate having a bit of flow to swim against, as they are active and current will keep them busy, but please take care not to provide them with too much water current as the males have large, flowing tails. Decorations as well as plants are a great addition to the tank as this will allow subdominant fish to hide, as well as fry to have a place to hide. A filter which works efficiently is the most important part, as these fish will continue to make more and more offspring, which will contribute to the bioload of the tank, and you do not want to overwhelm the tank.

When thinking of tankmates for this fish, most fish will be a good choice, since these little fish are quick and able to compete with larger things for food with little problem, and yet are not aggressive, and do not bother anybody. No matter what your preference, you are almost guaranteed to find that these guppies suit your tastes, and with their small size and peaceful nature, you can include them in smaller fish tanks as well. These fish ship individually bagged.

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Imported European Fish

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